Andi Cayzer (abeautywithinme) wrote,
Andi Cayzer

Feeling a little Down..

Today is my youngest brother's wedding day. Well, kinda a wedding. He's marrying a wonderful girl named Karen. They have 2 kids together, and this is his second marriage. I hope it works for him.

My problem is that I wasn't even informed of his wedding from him or Karen. I got word of it through my brother and Liz. I feel so left out. They're not inviting my other brother Mike because they have a problem with his wife Chris (totally understandable), but now I feel like they're looping me in the same catagory as her. Not cool. Anyway..Yah. So that's what I'm feeling. I just hope he has a great day and I wish them the best of luck. But I can't help feeling a little hurt.

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